Michael Lafayette

Though it would take some time…

As Michael Lafayette grew up, he took in an immense number of artists & bands and connected to all kinds of sounds, styles and genres

It wouldn’t be long before Michael would eventually begin to experiment, practice and eventually play his own music, joining different bands throughout his youth.

Starting out on the bass playing Pop & Rock music.


Michael Lafayette reinvented himself anew as an EDM/Chill-out artist.

Creating imaginative, vibrantly colorful textures with an artistic, electro-ambient approach,

Though it took an entire change of direction, style & sound…

This latest chapter of Michael Lafayette’s music-career has been by far the most personally satisfying.

in the electro-style he now calls his home and tapping into a whole new level of his own creativity.

The vividly blissful atmospheres of his chilled-out songs have a comforting,

Inviting, and ultimately appealing sound that resonates deep within us all.

Relentlessly inspired, he’s an endlessly creative, enthusiastic and always stoked to start up a

new project or write a new song

You can expect new music, singles & videos being posted online throughout the year & long beyond.

He’s making the best music he’s ever made in his life right in the here & now…

Because when a person truly loves what they do –

Michael’s innovative ideas sound uplifting, comforting and intensely sincere;

He’s found a way to incorporate an impressive amount of emotion

into the songs he now creates as a dynamic & versatile electro-artist.

Composted to relax the mind and soothe the soul.

Lafayette makes music that sounds like the dreams in your head.

       You can hear it,

                                                    You can see it,

                                                                                                        You can feel it; they’ll never want to stop –

                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Michael Lafayette never will.